1. 22:13 4th Aug 2011

    Notes: 10

    "Power Animal Retr. 6-7-96"

    Location: Boscobel, WI

    I found this during my time at the ACRE artist residency this July. The participant’s full name is mentioned (I only left her first name in the post). I did some quick research and found out that she lived in Boscobel and died last year at the age of 61 from cancer. This tape is a power animal retrieval session she had in 1996.

  2. 16:04 3rd Jul 2011

    Notes: 6

    Plays: 401

    This tape seems to be a woman recording her significant other snoring. She gets caught at the end.

    Location: Chicago, IL 2011

  3. 22:11 2nd Jul 2011

    Notes: 2

    Plays: 221

    A man’s recorded letter to the village board & some sort of pilot’s training text/vocabulary.

    Location: Waukegan, IL 2010

  4. 17:38 1st Jul 2011

    Notes: 4

    Plays: 239

    "Erin’s 3rd Birthday" // Excerpt #2

    Erin is interviewed by her uncle on her third birthday.

    Location: Lake Villa, IL 2010

  5. 16:33 30th Jun 2011

    Notes: 3

    Plays: 229

    The last segment of an audio letter.

    Location: Chicago, IL 2010

  6. 18:25 23rd Jun 2011

    Notes: 12

    Plays: 251

    Location: Chicago, IL 2011

  7. 23:04 21st Jun 2011

    Notes: 15

    Plays: 303

    Location: Chicago, IL 2011

  8. 23:28 20th Jun 2011

    Notes: 26

    Plays: 429

    First Fruits - Coniah Music

    Location: Waukegan, IL 2009

  9. 17:57 14th Jun 2011

    Notes: 5

    Plays: 121

    Here is a audio excerpt and image of my sound installation from the exhibition Wow and Flutter: Dynamic Range in Analog Art at Johalla Projects in Chicago.

    The sound clip was recorded by Joe DeCeault for a segment on WBEZ’s program Eight Forty-Eight. Unfortunately my clip didn’t make the final cut. Listen to the segment here.

  10. 21:53 11th Jun 2011

    Notes: 31

    Plays: 423

    I found this in a tape deck I purchased. It seems to be a home recording of a DJ. Part of it is a remix of “Perfect Drug” by Nine Inch Nails.

    Location: Crystal Lake, IL 2011